Attendance Video



Attendance Facts: Why should you attend school?


  • Attendance is the most important predictor of high school graduation.


  • 42% of NC dropouts quit because of school attendance.


  • 80% of high school dropouts were chronically truant in the year before dropping out.


  • 9th graders attend school at the lowest rate of any grade level; on 78% of 9th graders attend school on a regular basis.


  • Course attendance is eight times more predictive of course failure in 9th grade than 8th grade test scores.



Attendance Policy


ABSENCES: If a student is not present in class for a minimum of two-thirds (2/3) of the period, the student is counted absent. 

School Messenger will call the home number each time a student is absent.
  A letter will be sent home indicating the attendance status of the student when absences become excessive. Attendance is also reported on the nine weeks report card.  Should a student exceed the maximum allowable absences of eight (8) without having necessary absences waived, the student will be required to continue his/her attendance to the class, but will receive no credit.  Students should check with their teachers for absences or Mrs. Simpson in the front office.