Driver Education

North Davidson High School Driver Education


Instructors:  Randy Freeman (schedules in-car instruction),Ray Wyatt (schedules classroom instruction), Johnny Everhart, Beth White and Lori Redmond

Students enrolled in the classwork session must pay $65.00 for the course. Students make their payments the 1st day of class with a cheek made out to NORTH DAVIDSON HIGH SCHOOL.  If you pay in cash you will be allowed to see the school treasurer at NDHS on the 1st day of class to make your payment.  All payments must be made on the 1st day of class.  If payment is not made by the 1st day of class the student will be dropped from the class.  This payment covers the classroom and in-car part of driver education. 

 Classwork and In-Car Driving Instruction 

North Carolina law requires that students be at least 14.6 years of age in order to start the driver education process.  In order to process a student through both parts of the driver education requirements, students are scheduled to take the classwork session after they turn 14.6 years of age. Students at North Davidson High and North Davidson Middle School are enrolled into the classwork session automatically based by their date of birth. Middle School students are scheduled for the classwork sessions starting in January of each year.  When a student is to be scheduled for the classwork session they are given an information/sign-up letter at their school which indicates the next class date that they can attend.  The student will then return the sign-up form to the student services office at the school they attend. 

Classwork and in-car driving sessions are offered at North Davidson High School on a regular basis.  

Students must complete 30 clock hours of classroom instruction to satisfy the State of NC requirements for the book work portionEach classwork session meets for 30 clock hours.

During the school year classwork sessions are taught after school from 3:15 to 6:15 for 10 days or from 3:15 to 5:45 for 12 days.

During the summer, class sessions are taught from 8:00 am to 12:00 noon.

The behind-the-wheel sessions of driver education are scheduled after the classwork portion is completed.  North Carolina law requires that each student complete 6 hours of actual behind the wheel driving. 

Davidson County rules require that at least 2 students be in the driver education vehicle at all times during instruction.  So students will also get at least 6 hours of observation time while taking the driving course.  Some driving groups may include 3 students.

Once a student has completed both the classwork session (30 hours) and the driving session (6 hours) they are issued a driver education certificate from their driving instructor.  This certificate (plus- birth certificate with a raised seal, social security card and driver eligibility form from the school they attend) is to be presented to the Driver License Office for the student to obtain a limited learner's permit from the State of North Carolina.

NDMS students- will take their class and behind the wheel at North Davidson High School

Private School and Home School Students

North Davidson provides driver education to students that attend a private or home school (state approved) which are located in the North Davidson school district.

Union Grove School- students should contact Jennifer Grogan at the school for driver education needs.

Home School Students- whose home school resides in the North Davidson school district should contact Ray Wyatt at NDHS.