Kaila Lakatos

Kaila Lakatos
Bachelor's of Arts in Education; Concentration in Language Arts

Contact Information:
336-731-8431 Ext. 8555

Conference Hours:
Planning Period: 9:36-11:06 Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday
Upon Request Prior to or After School

Class Schedule
Spring 2015

1st Period (8:00-9:30): English I
2nd Period (9:36-11:06): Plan
3rd Period (11:12-1:22): English I
4th Period (1:28-3:00): English I

Hello! It is a pleasure to be working with your student
 in English I curriculum.
It is expected that students put forth their best effort
to produce the best work possible.
We follow the idea of PRIDE in the classroom and 
communication is key!

Students are held responsible for the completion of both
homework and participation.
Assignments are written on the board daily.
Many assignments done in class will be considered
minor assignments and therefore will be 40% of the student's grade.
At all times, unless it is a timed assignment, extra time in the form
of taking the work home is provided to the student.

Class Projects/Tests
Class projects and tests are considered major assignments.
Therefore, they will be worth 60% of the student's grade. 

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