10th Grade English
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Week 1: Welcome to English 2 I will introduce myself and we will go over classroom policies and write and essay on Grit. Afterwards, we will begin World War Z. Read China, Tibet, and Russia.
Class Rules
Class Rules Presentation with Grit essay
Letter of Introduction (1st semester only)
WWZ Study Guide
WWZ Prezi
Finish chapter 2 (Tibet) WWZ, finish most of study guide, start Vocabulary Unit 1 and design February reading schedule. Read Ebola article. Watched trailer for Contagion and connected with WWZ, worked on vocabulary, powerpoint and discussion on Shakespeare's life.
County pre-assessment, start Much Ado About NothingGet Newsela and  Google Classroom accounts set up. Answer ?s 1-6 on SG...continue play.

February Reading Schedule: (we will not change this schedule if it snows...keep reading!)
February 5: Greece, Brazil, Barbados
February 12: Israel, Palestine, Virginia
February 19: Finland, Antarctica, Texas
February 26: Montana, Tennessee, India

Week 2: Finish the play and study guide, submit for a grade with character guide. Vocabulary Quiz 1 on Friday. Discuss articles related to WWZ.
Photograph of Meteora, Greece
Illegal Organ Trade
Kidney Thefts Shock India
Yanomami Tribe in Brazil
US Navy Turns Seawater to Fuel

Start Oedipus! Complete Grammar with a Giggle 3-6, followed by the completion of vocabulary definitions for Unit 2. We started Oedipus with a crossword search on the life of Sophocles
We received some papers and got notebooks organized. Then we started the origins of Greek Drama and took guided Cornell Notes. Vocabulary Quiz 2. We will move from there to Vocabulary Unit 3 and definitions. Afterwards, we will work with Tier 2 Vocabulary words from the play.
You will read World War Z and then we will discuss the world conflicts present in the story. If you would like more information, please see the websites below:

Israeli/Palestinian Conflict
Borders of Israel and Palestine

Week 3: Continue Oedipus

Warm Up: GwG 6-12, vocabulary. We started the play today and made it almost to the end of Part 1. We will  work on the Oedipus Questions. This is a major grade. You will also complete a vocabulary activity for part 2 of the play. You will also create a sketch to stretch of a memorable scene. There will be group work on irony and the tragic hero to prepare for the test on Monday. TEST on Oedipus

After Vocabulary Quiz 3, we will look at the landscape of Antarctica where one of our characters is hiding from Zombies. Then we will look at a RIT on selling fear in advertising...how does our character use the fear of Zombies to convince people to buy his drug? 

Weeks 4 and 5: Unit 2 Poetry: The Epic
Read Newsela piece on new bits of Gilgamesh found
For this part of Unit 2, we will start with a study of archetypes followed by guided study that will count as a test.
Start Gilgamesh
Unit 2 Lesson 1 The Epic.doc
The Literature of Ancient Mesopotamia
Cornell Notes Background on Gilgamesh epic and Sumerian Lit
Gilgamesh Video

Web Links:
Interview with the King of Jordan
Refugee problem in Jordan
History Channel Video on Nelson Mandela

Weeks 6-8 Finish Gilgamesh
Listen to and read the Prologue and the Battle with Humbaba from The Epic of Gilgamesh. Discuss questions together.We will discuss text structures, focusing specifically on comparison/contrast.
We will read the Death of Enkidu and the Story of the Flood and compare that to the Hebrew and Mayan flood stories. Video for Mayan Flood Story We will then read The Return and take a test on Gilgamesh. Finally, we will write a comparison/contrast essay. Vocabulary Quiz 7. We will conclude our unit on Gilgamesh by reading a brochure on the Quest for Immortality exhibit. You will also write a letter to invite visitors to the museum. 

Websites for WWZ 
Hoover Dam
The New Deal
US Homefront during WW2

Weeks 10 and 11: Study Haikus and Tankas
We will look at literary devices in poetry and then listen to Royall Tyler discuss translating Japanese poetry into English.
We will complete the group poetry project--we will test on the unit as well.

WWZ websites:
International Space Station
Virgin Galactic Website
Andamooka Australia
NewsELA Virgin Galactic Crash

Weeks 12-14: Figurative Language in Modern Poetry, transition to non-fiction with speeches. 

World War Z project--Friday, work on character list (major grade), Monday complete study questions (minor grade), Tuesday, Thursday, Friday work on projects (Major grade). Monday--last day in the library, Tuesday presentations

Monday: Finish presentations, start vocabulary 11

Tuesday: Vocabulary, RIT on resistant antibiotics, powperpoint on TFA--start listening to book. We will complete chapters 1-8 this week and answer the questions from the study guide.