Shannon Templeton

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Shannon Templeton

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Class Schedule Fall 2016

1st period- Planning

2nd period- Strategic Reading

3rd period- English II

4th period- English II

B. S. Degree in English -- Greensboro College 1990
Master of Education (Language and Literacy) -- Salem College 2007
International Baccalaureate Diploma Program Educator -
Advanced Placement Literature and Composition

Work History:
Mineral Springs Middle School 1999-2000
Hanes Middle School 2000-2001
Parkland High School 2001- 2005

Classroom Expectations:

  • Be Prompt! Each student should be in his/her assigned seat when the tardy bell rings.
  • Be Prepared! Each student should bring all materials to class everyday. This includes their three ring binder, writing notebook, text or novel, and a pen.
  • Be Respectful! This means that students need to listen while either a classmate or I am speaking, that they should raise their hand when they want to be recognized for speaking unless we are in an open discussion, and that they should respect one another’s personal property.
  • Keep Distractions Out! Students need to be able to focus on the class so they should leave all distractions out of the classroom. This includes snacks, drinks, cell phones, miscellaneous toys, make-up, magazines, math homework, science homework, knitting, whittling, videogames, sports cards, art supplies, and anything else that will take the students’ minds off of their work.
  • Participate! Each student is expected to participate in all activities and discussions. This means taking notes, reading aloud or sharing writing, watching videos and reviewing for tests.