Catherine Deaton

North Davidson High School Visual Art

"Art and the ability to think of abstractconcepts is what distinguishes our species from other animals -capabilities that also led us to use fire, develop the wheel and come upwith the other technologies that have made our kind so successful.

Its emergence, therefore, marks one of the key moments when our species became truly human."

From the article "Cave Paintings Change the Idea of the Origin of Art"
Published October 8th, 2014 BBC News and Science

Ms. Deaton
Room: 114
Phone: 336-731-8431

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art Education-University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Masters of Art Education in Art Education-East Carolina University
Advanced Placement Certified: Studio Art Drawing, 2D Design, 3D Design-Univeristy of Texas at Austin

Class Schedule:
1st Period:Visual Art Beginning
2nd Period:  Visual Art Advanced Honors
AP Studio Art
3rd Period: Planning
4th Period: Art Intermediate

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