Natalie Grant

Hola ... me llamo

Natalie Grant


NDHS Foreign Language Department, Spanish Teacher

Welcome! I am glad you dropped by my webpage...allow me to tell you a bit about myself!
I am from Davidson County and blessed to call the ND area home. In 2002, I graduated from Wake Forest University with a B.A. in Spanish. I am in year 13 teaching Spanish here at NDHS.
A learner at heart, I embrace the opportunity to help mold and shape my students.  
I hope that my love for the Spanish language will encourage them to dive deep and unlock the world of experience that knowing a second language will afford. So...vamos!  Let's get going!

Daily Schedule
1st Period  8:00 - 9:24  Planning
2nd Period  9:30 - 10:54  Spanish II
3rd Period  11:00 - 12:51  Spanish II
(Lunch  12:24 - 12:51)
12:58 - 1:28  ARMOUR Time
4th Period  1:35 - 3:00  Spanish II

Feel free to contact me via phone (336-731-8431) during my plan or
e-mail me ( any time!