Mike Meadows

Hello My Name Is...

Mike Meadows

Athletic Director (Fall/Winter)
Head Baseball Coach
Coaching and teaching at North for 21 years
B.S Physical Education Winston Salem State Univ
M.S School Administration Gardner Webb Univ.

(Conference hours available during planning 11:30-1:00)

1st period   ADV PE
2nd period     Conditioning
3rd period AD
4th Planning

Dressing out and Participation in class is mandatory.  5 pts will be deducted for non particiaton or not dressing out.  Written and physical asessments will be given at 6 and 12 weeks.

Black Knight Physical Education


This course is designed to expose you to a variety of individual and team activities. Emphasis will be placed on the assessment and development of your physical fitness. It is hoped that through the basic knowledge and skills learned in the class that you will continue to be physically active throughout you life.


Not Dressing will not be tolerated:        1st offense- Warning

                                                         2nd offense- Parent Contact and Detention

                                                         3rd offense- Parent Contact and Time-Out



  • Shorts (sweat pants okay in the winter)
  • No spandex or yoga pants (unless you wear your shorts over them)
  • T-Shirt (must be worn at all times)
  • Tennis Shoes (no exceptions)
  • No Sofie shorts will be allowed
  • Rentals Available



You will be graded daily on the following items

  • Attitude
  • Dressing out
  • Effort
  • Sport Conduct
  • Language



  • Theft is COMMON
  • Never bring excessive cash( more than lunch money
  • Give Cash to you teacher to lock up
  • Never leave pocketbooks, technology, wallets, cash, or any other valuables in the locker room



      Classes begin and end with a bell. You are to be in the gym when the tardy bell rings and in the gym/locker room until the bell rings at the end of the period



  • You should never go in the NEW GYM without permission from your teacher
  • Food, Drinks, Candy are not allowed in the gym
  • We will go outside some days when it is cool, please plan accordingly, if you think you be cold on a given day
  • We will leave campus to go bowling, you are expected to behave, if this is a problem you will not go, and you are subject to discipline referral
  • You bust a light or window, you pay for a light or window
  • Negative attitude about a game or activity will not be accepted
  • Cell phones will be taken if seen in the gym, please have those locked up with the teacher or in the locker room
  • Only a doctors not will excuse you from PE, notes for parents may be taken into account but will not guarantee an excuse