Becky Ramsey

Hello My Name Is...

Becky Ramsey


World History

1st period-World History
2nd period- Planning
3rd period- World History(Honors)
4th period- World History
Available for conferences during plan/after school
Appalachian State University -B.S. in Education - Concentrations: Social Studies /English

Contact information or 731- 8431 Ext.#8580

Classroom Expectations & Procedures
Be on time for class.
Follow instructions.
Stay on task in group work.
Show PRIDE and follow all school rules.

Grading Procedures
Major Works: tests/projects-60%
Minor Works: quizzes, class work,homework, group work- 40%

*Please sign up for for homework and class information. Email me for details if you did not receive sign up sheet from student.
Each student should also sign up to my Google Classroom.