Student Council


Executive Council:

President- Johnny Coppley
Vice-President - Kathryn Watson
Secretary- Ethan Mize
Treasurer- John Day
Historian- Kate Wells


President-Lydia Waddell
Vice-President- Kylie Britt
Secretary- Hailey Culbreth
Treasurer- Alyssa Hunter
Representatives- Jillian Everhart
Savannah Kimball
Elizabeth Norris
Hailey Rosdhal


President- Evan VanMeter
Vice-President- Maddox Johnson
Secretary- Erin Cole
Treasurer- Walker Clark
Representatives- Waylon Gentle
Mia Mercer
Ella Murphy
Jolie Privett


President- Devin Everhart
Vice-President- Alli Holcomb
Secretary- Gabe Ramirez
Treasurer- Lauryl Odom
Representatives- Kaley Davis
Satchel Hester
Maggie Hostetter
Lauren Lemly


President- Justis Mitchell
Vice-President- Skylar Riddle
Secretary- Jillian Briggs
Treasurer- Joe Butts
Representatives- Alyssa Huff
Gracie Johnson
Matthew Snider
Frank Turner

Club Sponsors:  Keena Arrowood, Kendra Puckett, and Lisa Crabb


Juniors VS. Seniors
Wednesday, October 19, 2016
7:30 PM
Palmer Field, NDHS
$5 Admission

The NDHS Student Council Purpose:

Promote good relations in the school, conduct homecoming activities, and assist with various school functions.  Membership is through elected positions.

Other duties may include, but are not limited to:

  • To promote cooperation between the student body and the faculty/administration
  • To promote harmonious relations throughout the entire student body and between officers
  • To provide a forum for student expression
  • To inform the student body of issues affecting their welfare
  • To encourage and promote the orderly direction of school activities
  • To carry out at least two service projects within a given school year
  • To foster loyalty to NDHS and to promote school spirit
  • To be representatives of the school and community
  • To show a high level of pride and class throughout the school year