Grading Policy

                          NC-951 Grading Policy

1. A cadet's overall 9 week grade will be based on the
    following areas:
     Aerospace Science, 45%
     Leadership Education & Uniform Wear, 45%
     Health and Wellness, 10%

2. These grades include classroom participation,
     homework, and exams. They are further broken down
     as follows;
   Major Works -  tests, cadet briefings, parades
   Minor Works - uniform inspection grades, quizzes, drill
                            grade, class work

3. The wearing of the uniform is a mandatory Air Force requirement of the AFJROTC program. If the cadet does not wear their uniform each designated week (or makeup day), their grade will be significantly reduced. Repeated failure to wear the uniform as required will cause a Cadet to FAIL, regardless of their academic average in their respective class. Warning letters will be sent home for parent notification, signature and return as well as email and phone contact.

4. Uniform day for NC-951 is Wednesday unless otherwise directed. Makeup days are ONLY Thursday and Friday of the same week, with prior instructor approval. Absences on Wednesday must be made up. Extenuating circumstances will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

5. Please call Major Damratoski or Chief Blackburn if you have any questions concerning the AFJROTC grading policy at school, 731-8431, ext 8532.