Program Benefits


In addition to the short term benefits of the AFJROTC program, the Air Force offers a number of outstanding long-term benefits to cadets who complete the program (3 years minimum).
Probably the best known are the Air Force college ROTC scholarships, some going as far as an unlimited four year full ride, which includes no limit on tuition, books, fees, and a monthly stipend. Through AFJROTC, the Air Force offers a wide range of scholarships to qualifying and interested cadets who wish to continue with senior ROTC in college. Visit the official Air Force ROTC website at www.afrotc.com for the most current information and application.

Cadets who choose to enter the armed services after high school (Enlist), may enlist with one or even two pay grades (Stripes) higher than other enlistees

Within the AFJROTC program, there are many opportunities for recognition in the form of medals, ribbons, badges and scholarships from a large number of national organizations. There is also the less tangible but very important benefit of learning enough about the military to make an informed decision on whether to consider it after high school or college, and to vote intelligently on military issues when the time comes.