Recycling Fundraiser
                       RECYCLING FUNDRAISER

The AFJROTC recycles used printer cartridges of all sizes, cell phones and all electronic devices, as a year-round fund raising effort. The funds raised help offset expenses for extracurricular programs, Special Teams equipment and classroom supplies. This program also negates us from asking our cadets to sell items to raise funds.
      We encourage all cadets to bring their expended cartridges, cell phones and electronics from home, neighbors and relatives to accomplish this project. Parents can help by investigating their workplace for cartridges and cell phones. Ask your office managers what they do with their empty cartridges and ask if you may have them. Some business places recycle but gain no benefit financially, so ask if we may have them instead.
    Have your cadet bring the smaller inkjet types to school and if you are able to acquire a source of the larger, laser type, please contact Major Damratoski to arrange for him to pick them up on a regular basis. I have many sources throughout the Triad area that support our program.


Thank you for your support.
Major Damratoski, Office: 731-8431, ext 8532