Partners in Education


Upcoming P.I.E. Events 2016-2017

Monday, September 12, 6:30pm School Media Center

Program: “Testing. SAT, ACT, Etc……….” and

“Senior Year – What Parents Need to Know”

Hands On: Bring Classroom Supplies

Monday, October 3, 6:30pm School Cafeteria

Program: “Changes at North Davidson” and

“Transitioning from Middle School to High School”

Hands On: Bring Non-Perishable Items for NDHS Food Closet
or donate to the school for lunch funds

Monday, November 7, 6:30pm School Cafeteria

Program: "Scholarships - Looking in all the Right Places"

Hands On: Bring Personal Care Items for NDHS Food Closet
or donate to the school for lunch funds

Monday December 5, 6:30pm School Cafeteria

Program: “Balancing Sports, Extra-Curricular Activities and Academics”

Hands On: Assemble Christmas goodie bags for NDHS Staff

Monday, January 9, 6:30pm School Cafeteria

Program: “NDHS/OGHS Split Share Session”

Hands On: Bring Non-Perishable Items for NDHS Food Closet
or donate to the school for lunch funds

Monday February 6, 6:30pm School Cafeteria

Program: “What it takes to get into College”

Hands On: Bring Classroom Supplies

Monday, March 6, 6:30pm School Cafeteria

Program: “Class Registration for 2017-2018”

Hands On: Bring Personal care items for the NDHS food closet
or donate to the school for lunch funds

Monday April 4, 6:30pm School Cafeteria

Program:  "College Life--What it is REALLY Like"
Hands On:  TBD

Monday May 2, 6:30pm School Cafeteria

Program: Wrap up Meeting for 2015/2016 school year

Hands On: Packaging Academic Letters/Volunteer Pins/Certificates 

What is PIE?

PIE celebrates the academic and volunteer accomplishments of our students with the following activities:

1. Honor roll socials for students maintaining an A or AB unweighted GPA (grade point average) after the 1st and 3rd grading periods.

2.Keepsake recognition after the first semester of the school year for students maintaining a weighted GPA of 3.8 or above at a minimum. Depending on fundraising for a particular year, this has included students with a weighted GPA of 3.0 and above.

3. Academic Letters for students maintaining a GPA of 3.88 or above after their 3rd, 5th, and 7th semesters of high school. The letters are presented to students at the spring Academic Letter and Volunteer Awards Ceremony.

4.Volunteer Awards for students volunteering between 50-400 hours. The volunteer pins are presented to students at the spring Academic Letter and Volunteer Awards Ceremony.

What is the Academic Lettering Program?

The Academic Letter program is sponsored and fully funded by PIE and North Davidson is the only high school in Davidson County to recognize students with this type of program. Students must have a weighted GPA of 3.88 at the end of the first semester of their Sophomore, Junior, and/or Senior years. The first time the student reaches the weighted 3.88 GPA he/she will receive their letter. The subsequent times the 3.88 GPA is maintained the student is presented a star. Lettering most commonly is seen with athletic teams, however PIE provides an additional avenue for academically dedicated students to receive their letter as well.

What is the Volunteer Award Program?

Students are eligible to receive volunteer awards starting the summer before their freshmen year begins. Students receive their volunteer pins after they have reached 50, 100, 200, and 400 hours. Hours are cumulative throughout the high school years. Example 1: A student who turns in 100 hours in his/her freshman year will receive the 100 hour pin in the spring of that year. The student continues to turn in hours during their sophomore year and reaches 400 hours in his/her Junior year will receive the appropriate level pin in the sophomore year and the 400 hour pin as a Junior. This student would have received all eligible awards prior to his/her Senior year. Recognition will also be made to seniors who attain 400+ hours. Example 2: A student turns in his/her 50 hours of volunteer hours as a Junior and will receive the 50 hour pin that spring. The student continues to turn in hours his/her Senior year and will receive the appropriate pin that year.

Once the students achieve 400 hours, they are more than welcome and encouraged to continue to turn in hours for tracking, however recognition is given only on the printed summary sheets when requested through Student Services and not at the Academic Letter and Volunteer Award Ceremony.

To receive credit for volunteer hours, the student must complete the form that is located on the Student Services webpage. Information needed includes specific dates, place, and activity. Forms MUST be signed by a representative from the organization volunteer for which the work is done. Incorrect and/or incomplete forms will be disqualified. 

Deadlines to turn in volunteer hours for the 2016-2017 school year are as follows:

1. October 21, 2016 – any volunteer hours from the summer after the student’s 8th grade year.

2. January 20, 2017 – volunteer hours from June 2016 to date.

3. March 17, 2017 – volunteer hours for the current school year to date.

Please understand that the number of pins ordered are based on the submitted hours.  It is the individual student's responsibility to meet the deadlines posted. These deadlines are firm and will be enforced.

Guidelines for Service Hours     
The activity should be service oriented, helping another without compensation of any kind.  Services performed for a family business where the student has any relative involved are not considered volunteer hours.

For activities such as mission trips, hours should include the day the student is en route through the student's return, excluding time spent sightseeing or sleeping. 

Camps, leadership events, and/or workshops that meet at colleges/universities, hospitals, and the like are NOT considered service activities unless there is a specific service component within the program the student is attending.  Service to others is required to be considered for recognition.

Forms must be complete and accurate in order to be assigned and documented. Forms are to be signed by the person in charge of the volunteer activity, not by a parent or other relative of the student.  

Forms must be turned in by the deadline date(s) to be considered.

How is PIE funded?

PIE is funded solely through business and parent donations. There is no funding through the school nor the county. The programs that PIE continues or are added each year are directly dependent on financial support through the parents and community.

Business donations are recognized on the PIE webpage throughout the school year and in the program for the Academic Letter and Volunteer Award Ceremony that is handed directly to parents and grandparents. If you know a business that would like to make a donation, please share this information with them.

For the 2016/2017 school year, we will have monthly PENNIES FOR PIE fundraisers where all parents need to do is drop their loose change in the bottle at monthly PIE meetings and at Open House in the Fall and the Spring. We’re all busy and this is one easy way for us to contribute without having to sell and purchase items. Please save your change and bring it to monthly meetings and Open House.


Does PIE need parent volunteers?

PIE does need parent volunteers throughout the year. Our volunteer needs are few, but our activities will not happen if there is no one to support them. Volunteer needs include but are not limited to serving students at honor rolls, handing out keepsakes, helping with the Academic Letter and Volunteer Award Ceremony, and standing at the PIE table at Open House events.PIE also needs parents to update the PIE webpage, send out letter for business donations as well as thank you letters, maintain volunteer hour balances, and miscellaneous general administrative tasks

Due to the overwhelming success of the Annual Black Knights 5K, PIE will again be sponsoring a 5K run fundraiser which will be scheduled for the Spring (date TBD). All proceeds benefit PIE and the NDHS Cross Country Team. If interested in participating, please contact Joe Davis or Encarna Turner. 

If you have any questions regarding PIE, please contact Mrs. Encarna Turner at turnermm@wfu.edu

or Mr. Joe Davis at jdavis1@davidson.k12.nc.us or by leaving a message with the school's front office.


2015-2016 Financial Contributors to Partners In Education:

(Currently being updated for the past year's contributing sponsors.)



Volunteer Service is any activity that is for the benefit of an organization where the student is not paid for the service.  Acceptable activities include, but are not limited to: church mission trips, scouting community service projects, club community service activities, etc.


PIE recognizes students who have volunteered 50, 100, 200, and 400 hours each spring at the Academic Letter and Volunteer Award Ceremony.  A PIE volunteer keeps track of the volunteer hours and provides a printout upon request through Student Services. Hours are tracked for the entire high school time; however, awards are given only up to 400 hours. Once a student is recognized for 400 hours, a certificate for additional hours is awarded.


Please type or print legibly all information completely.  Incomplete forms will be returned to the student.   Below is the information required to be completed on the downloadable Word document  below.  The document is also available on the Student Services Webpage. 

Student Name:

Student ID#:  
Year of Graduation: 

Service Organization:  

Service Organization Address:  

Total Hours Worked:
Service Date/Dates: 

Description of Service Performed:  

The Organization:  (Cannot be related to student):  How did this student benefit your organization?  

Signature of Service Organization Contact:

 (Note:  The form can be found below and on the NDHS Student Services Webpage in MS Word document form)

Please return completed form to Student Services.

(Deadlines to turn in volunteer hours for the 2016/2017 school year are: October 21, 2016, January 20, 2017, and March 17, 2017)



2016-2017 OFFICERS











April Starks



Doris Barringer


Volunteer Hour Coordinator

Laurie Waddell


E-Mail Coordinator

Jackie Essick


Event Fundraiser Coordinator




Fundraiser Coordinator



NDHS Contact

Joe Davis






Partners in Education is composed of volunteer parents, educators and local businesses working jointly to support, recognize and award outstanding service, citizenship and academic achievement among 

Please feel free to connect with us by joining our monthly meetings-First Monday of each Month 
(excluding Monday holidays) in the cafeteria at 6:30 pm, Facebook or email.  We will update our page with new information, important upcoming dates and any meeting changes.

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