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Megan Condrey

Phone: 3367318431
Best time to contact me: Planning (1:35-3:05) or after school (3:05-4:00)
My name is Megan Condrey and I am a 2005 graduate from North Davidson High School and a 2009 graduate from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mathematics and a minor in Secondary Education. This is my 13th year teaching here at NDHS! Go Knights! 
I am also the LEO Club Advisor! We are the largest international service club in America and our goal is to work on making our community a better place! Dues are $10.00! 
Schedule Fall 2021
1st period Math 4 
2nd period  Math 4 
3rd period  Math 2 Honors
4th period  Planning
Schedule Spring 2022
1st period Math 4 
2nd period  Planning
3rd period Math 4 
4th period  Math 4 Honors


Expectations & Policies

          It is expected that students conduct themselves in such a manner that is acceptable for the public school classroom.

  • Responsibility
  • Respect
  • Positive Participation
  • Follow Directions
  • Each student is accountable for his / her behavior

Grading Policy:

County Grading Scale

A 90-100

B 80-89

C 70-79

D 60-69

<  59

Grade Percentages


Major Assignments: 60%

   àTests / Projects

Minor Assignments: 40%

   à Class work / Homework / Quizzes