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Teachers are to accompany students from their classes when five or more students come to the library or computer lab.  Teachers should coordinate with the media center or the appropriate ETS (computer lab coordinators) well in advance so that the facilities, equipment, and materials will be available for use.  Computers for instructional purposes are located in the Media Center, Media Center Computer Lab, the YES Lab, and on several mobile labs.


Prior to first use of the computer, students must have an Internet permission form signed.  These forms are available in the student agenda and are given to each student on the first day of school.  Teachers should collect completed forms and return to the technology coordinator in either computer lab. Students without completed forms will not be allowed to use the internet until forms are turned in. Student Gmail accounts are also available on the same form and need parental permission. This gives the student an opportunity to have a monitored filtered email system to communicate with their teachers electronically.


Individuals using computer labs must sign the computer log sheet located at the side of each computer each time the computer is used.  This makes them responsible for that computer and their teacher accountable for them.  Chat rooms, games and e-mails are not authorized for use on the computers.  Students are not allowed to download anything without permission of an ETS or Media Specialist.  Computer games may not be brought from home or loaded onto school computers.  Computers have been configured to a set standard and are not to be changed.  Students should not misuse computers, including pranks, viewing inappropriate web sites or accessing folders without permission.  Students caught misusing the lab computers may be banned from computer use until further notice.  All printing  from the Internet must be approved in advance by teacher or lab staff.  Food or drinks are not allowed in the labs.  Report all equipment  failures to ETS.  Students should not attempt to fix or repair any computer.