Student Services

Student Services
Hours: 7:30am-3:30pm
Phone: (336) 731-3472
Fax: (336) 242-5790
School Code: 342280
Student Services Staff
Jennifer Hurak (Counselor) ([email protected])
Cindy Dukes (Administrative Assistant) ([email protected])
Graduation Requirements
English         4 credits 
Math             4 credits
S. Studies     4 credits 
Science         3 credits
Health/PE      1 credit
Electives        2 credits*
Electives        10 credits**
TOTAL           28 credits
*2 electives need to be either Career/Technical Education, Fine Arts, or Foreign Language
**Some students may receive a four-course cluster in either Career/Technical Education, Fine Arts, JROTC, or Academics
Grading Scale
90-100: A     80-89: B     70-79: C     60-69: D     <60: F  
Grade Point Value
90-100: 4.0     80-89: 3.0     70-79: 2.0     60-69: 1.0      <60: 0 

              Grade Point Conversion Values

                Class of 2019 and beyond: Honors courses weighted 0.5 additional quality point;

                AP course weighted 1 additional quality point.   

                (Note: Students who take an AP course but do not take that subject’s

                 AP exam will have a final grade adjustment, equivalent to one letter grade, as per system policy.)