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SAT & ACT Information

Policy for reporting testing information on a student's transcript

Due to a change in North Carolina Department of Public Instruction policy and SAT/ACT reporting guidelines, schools in Davidson County will no longer include SAT or ACT scores on a student's high school transcript. Students will have to send their SAT and/or ACT scores to requesting agencies (i.e. colleges, NCAA) through the College Board (SAT Scores) or ACT (ACT scores). It is best practice to select those agencies that you want to receive your scores when registering for a national test.


How do I send my test scores to specific agencies when I am registering?

Each time you register for a specific test, you are allowed to include up to 4 agencies to receive your test score report at no additional cost. You must list the agency's specific code on the registration form to send your score report. All colleges, along with the NCAA Eligibility Center and some scholarship programs, have unique four-digit codes that can be found in a list of college codes on the College Board and ACT websites. College Board will send a report that includes scores for the SAT test you are registering to take plus any past SAT test scores. The ACT will only send the score report for the test you are registering to take.


What if I want to send test score reports to agencies that I did not list when I registered?

To send additional test score reports to a college or the NCAA, you will need to log in to your College Board account (SAT) or ACT account (ACT) and request that a score report be sent to the specific agency. You will need to have that agency's specific four-digit code as described in the section above. Keep in mind that the College Board (SAT) will send a cumulative score report for all tests that you have taken to the agency list. The ACT will only send the specific test that you indicate to a college. Be aware that both College Board and ACT charge a fee for sending these additional test score reports. Check each organization's website for their specific fee.


How do I send my ACT scores from the state test taken during the school day in the spring of my junior year?

You were able to select up to four agencies to receive that ACT score when you completed the registration. Selected agencies are listed on your ACT score report. If no agencies were selected at the time of registration OR if you have decided to send scores to an additional agency, you will need to set up an ACT account and have your test scores associated with your account. You will do this by going to and choosing to set up a new account. You will then answer that you did NOT register for the test but that you DID take the test. Enter your name as it appears on your ACT score report along with the email address that ACT should use to communicate with you. On the following screen, enter your ACT ID located in the top of your score report (under your date of birth) You will select a username on the next screen. You will be emailed a password that can be used along with your username to log in to your new ACT account. Then follow the steps in the section above to send a store report.


Additional Information:

To register for the SAT test or access your SAT information go to:


To register for the ACT test or access you ACT information go to:


Please remember to record your SAT or ACT username and password when you set up a student account. You will need it to access your scores, send additional score reports, and register for future tests.